domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Stupids & Stupidities

Yesterday I was remembering my best friend in Sevilla, she was celebrating her birthday and I remember one day in her pool with her boyfriend, we were talking about people and she said something about us, sometimes we look silly, but at least we know more than we want to show.

And it's true, I realize that my problem is that people do not know me well, because people who don't know me or don't want to know me, to share not only one time but many times. At last they just think I'm an idiot, who doesn't have an ounce of sense, but not to blame them because they  haven't made a single effort or want to go deep a little more, poor of them who have stayed with the first thing they saw.

Have you stopped to think, the number of people who pass through our lives and those who we don't pay minimum attention? perhaps many of those we know after much digging we found that they are all foolishness, and if you already thought that you could not hear anything more stupid of his mouth,suddenly, they talk at lenght with another of their ideas.But, sometimes there are people whom we get the impression that they are fools, lost silly, they know that you are seeing as idiots, but they don't tell you anything because they understand that if we aren't able to spend with them over a while, not worth more to show you that they can offer.

They are those who are silent, watching every movement, every gesture, every word you say, although what they do is really analyze it, you think they are shy,you think that  they don't understand what are you talking, but you were wrong.And, finally one day,  you find them and see that they are not the last part of the image that you had created in your head, they are totally different.

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pau te quiero jeje... te hemos exado muxo de menos... y creo q tenemos una skypeconversacion pendiente jeje besitos mil